The History of Winchester House

The Winchester House was built in the early part of the 17th Century and still benefits from one of the most enviable scenic river views in London.

Founded in 1892, the Winchester House Club continues to prove itself as a popular and unique venue of choice for both its members and those seeking a perfect setting for their own private events or special occasions. The Club regularly hosts wedding receptions, corporate meetings and private parties for non-members.

The Club has always had strong sporting connections, and each year hosts several exclusive sporting events and dinners. A key event is the University Boat Race as Winchester House is perfectly positioned just a few hundred yards from the start. The Club also has a popular golf society and a highly successful cricket XI.

The Grade II listed building has a rich and varied history. A motto on the building’s gates, ‘Think and Thank’, dates back to its Cromwellian links and the Putney Debates of about 1646. In the early 1650s Cromwell oversaw a somewhat puritanical Church in England; the words ‘Think and Thank’ are to be found in churches of that period. Oliver Cromwell billeted his officers at Winchester House.  According to legend a mulberry tree was planted in the garden during this time, and the tree stands to this day, still bearing fruit.

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