October Wedding at Winchester House

Winchester House is a charming wedding venue in Putney, located on the banks of the River Thames, and was recently chosen by Ellie and James for their October Wedding. We spoke to the bride and groom to find out more about their experience and the best moments from their day.

 What made you chose Winchester House?

Ellie & James: As we live in Putney, and most of our friends and family live in or near to London, we wanted to get married in the city we love. Winchester House was in the perfect location – walking distance from our home, overlooking the river and framed by trees and gardens. As soon we walked into the venue we knew it was right – especially the main room where we held the ceremony, dinner and dancing. It’s so spacious with big windows that let the light just flood in. The venue felt really special but not overly formal or fussy. Perfect for us!

Wedding October Winchester House

What was your best moment from the day?

Ellie: For me it was the moment we walked into the main room for the ceremony. We walked in hand-in-hand, as equal partners, and to see all these beautiful smiling faces turn to see us as we walked in, with the Autumn light filling the room – it was magical! 

James: I had two favourite moments! Firstly, it was when I watched Ellie walk down the path as she arrived. Surrounded by green, crying with joy, dazzling in her dress. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. She walked through the door and wrapped her arms around me and I couldn’t wait for us to get married. It was perfect. Secondly, would be dancing to the band in the evening in the beautiful ballroom, surrounded by friends. It was such a welcoming space and it was filled with joy.

Winchester House Wedding - Best Bits

How did you find the experience of planning your wedding at Winchester House?

Ellie: Overall it was very straightforward and enjoyable. Heidi made everything very easy, we had several visits to the venue and discussed things face to face, by phone and email. Obviously organising a wedding can be stressful at times, but the whole process went smoothly and on the day everything was organised so incredibly well – I didn’t have to worry about a thing.

James: I agree with everything Ellie writes and would like to add that it was wonderful to be able to visit the venue a few times before the wedding. We felt like this was our own special space that we were inviting our friends and family too. When it came, I felt proud to welcome people in on the day. Thanks for everything, Heidi!

Winchester House Wedding

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