10 alternative event ideas

What makes a great alternative event theme this year?

Thinking of planning an alternative-themed event this year? Then read some of our top suggestions for events taking place all year round or in specific seasons.

5 year-round alternative event themes

The Gatsby theme Go on a journey all the way back to the Roaring Twenties, the most decadent period of the 20th century.

Think gangster and flapper dress fancy dress costumes, jazz silhouettes, and Charlie Chaplin cardboard cut-outs and luxuriant drinks like champagne, sauterne or claret.

Ancient Rome Get your helmets and sandals ready. Choose an Ancient Rome-themed party and immerse yourself in the might and drama of one of the world’s most influential empires.   The Gangster One of the most popular fancy dress event themes in 2017, The Gangster theme is a great opportunity for your guests to get creative with Fedora-style hats and three-piece ‘zoot’ suits.

Include some trendy gangster-style music from different eras and consider an underground venue with a more informal layout.

Swingin’ 60’s Make a hippie costume and create a playlist with all the top acts from the decade, from The Beatles to The Supremes. Decorate your venue with plenty of flowers, put up peace sign stickers and party like its Woodstock.   Treasure Hunt Try something different.

A corporate treasure hunt is not only great fun, but an excellent test of team-building skills. For example, a Taxi Treasure Hunt challenge, where participants must travel across the city to search for clues, with the help of an enthusiastic taxi driver.

Five alternative event themes for different seasons

Carnival A flamboyant carnival theme is perfect for big alternative summer events and other informal celebrations. Make your own carnival costume, book a circus act, choose some fun activities like bingo or mini-golf and plan a delicious informal buffet with pretzels, hot dogs and other tasty snacks and treats.

Summer Tea Party – Alice in Wonderland Style Recreate the infamous tea party scene of Alice in Wonderland this summer (don’t worry – you will be offered a cup of tea and be allowed to drink it!). Ideas include ‘drink me’ bottles, a delicious summer buffet with freshly baked scones, smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches, lemon drizzle cake, mascarpone cheese cake, and champagne and/or dessert wines. The beautiful lawn of our elegant riverside venue Winchester House in Putney, west London, is perfect for this type of event.

Christmas Holiday Masquerade

Even though the festive season is many months away, it’s never too early to start planning ahead! One of the most popular alternative event themes for Christmas is the Holiday Masquerade, which includes beautifully decorated purple and gold Masquerades, traditional red and green Christmas colours and tailored masks for each guest.

The Ugly Jumper Christmas Party It might not sound particularly inspiring at first, but this is guaranteed to bring endless laughter! All you have to do is create or buy an ugly jumper – and compare how unattractive it is to everyone else’s! This is also a great chance to gain some free publicity by promoting the event with its own hash tag (i.e. #uglyjumperparty).

Beach party Christmas Yes, it might seem a bit odd, but if you want to offer something different that your guests haven’t experienced before, a beach-style alternative Christmas event can be a great idea. Think decorated palm trees, seashell ornaments, and vibrant summery decorations and lighting.

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